News:Wearable Bioadhesive Ultrasound

A recent article on has raised hopes on the use of bioadhesive materials.

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It is a safe and non-invasive diagnostic method for the functioning of the body that allows clinicians to view live images of the patient’s internal organs with ultrasound imaging techniques. To capture these images, trained technicians manipulate ultrasound rods and probes to direct sound waves into the body. These waves are reflected back to produce high-resolution images of the patient’s heart, lungs, and other deep organs.

A new era in medicine

Today, the live image of the patient’s internal organs is performed in hospitals and practices using special equipment. Engineers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have developed wearable adhesive tape in just the size of a stamp. It is a special tape that can be applied easily and can receive data about the internal organs for 48 hours after sticking to the patient’s skin. Big ultrasound devices are now history, and it has given hope that more accurate and reliable data can be obtained with the new tape technique.


Wang, Chonghe, et al. “Bioadhesive Ultrasound for Long-Term Continuous Imaging of Diverse Organs.” Science, vol. 377, no. 6605, July 2022, pp. 517–23,

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