User Agreement & Confidentiality Agreement & Distance Sales Agreement & Cancellation and Refund Conditions for Digital Purchases

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Content Usage Permissions

Every content published on myelin is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-Non-Derivative 4.0 International License. In this context, you can share it with attribution (if given in the appropriate format under the content [MLA 9th Edition] if possible), for Non-Commercial purposes and if the shared content does not cover a large part of the new content produced.

Content Production

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Digital Purchases

Digital purchases are sold monthly or annually. Apart from digital purchases, no physical products are sold. For monthly purchases, it continues to be used for the remaining days of the month in which it is canceled. This is true for annual use. Since annual purchases are discounted, the remaining time is used and no new payment is charged after the anniversary.

All digital purchases can be canceled at any time. No new payment will be taken after the remaining time has elapsed. No refunds are possible for digital purchases once the order has been confirmed.

During registration, the customer’s user name, name and surname are not shared with any third party other than the payment instrument. During the order, personal information such as the customer’s user name, name and address is not shared with any third party other than the payment instrument.

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