Spelling Guide & Sharing Permissions

Content that you have prepared objectively, for your expertise, selected in the appropriate category; You can share in accordance with the correct template and rules. Every writer is free, he can choose the topic he wants. Can prepare research file. Every article that complies with the publication rules within the framework of biology disciplines is approved and published by the author committee. Unauthorized sharing of all our content, except news, is prohibited. It is protected by the DMCA.

  • For the profile photo, only the pictures in the AVATARS link will be used. It is also mandatory for users to add their ORCID profile to their profile.

Please do not send it as a draft. The content to be created will be sent to you for review at once.

Content Template and Rules

  • Evaluated over a correct category; We prepare content that does not express the author’s opinion, mostly in the form of an overview article (Review).
  • In accordance with the overview article, without deviating from the subject we have determined as much as possible, by following the grammar rules, we create our content in accordance with the overview article format in the form of introduction, conclusion and resources.
  • We create our sources/bibliography by searching the literature from reputable websites and journals that publish scientific publications such as Nature, PubMed, DOI, Wiley, Elsevier, ScienceDirect.
  • In ethical cases such as plagiarism, fabrication, flutter, duplication, slicing, lack of support and copyrights, action is taken in accordance with the user agreement. For detailed information, you can check plagiarism.org
  • Technical works such as text format, line spacing, format, label and cover image (featured image) are organized by the editorial office.
  • If you have numbers such as ORCID, DOI, do not forget to add it to the end of the article. (You don’t need to add your orcid number for news but ORCID number is mandatory for original content.)
  • Don’t be afraid of rejection.
  • While the above source features are valid for our news, it is especially important for us that it is free from deception.
  • When there is news, the main source of all content should be in the relevant month.
  • Original content must be at least 800 words. The production of original content may only be written by people trained in this field or similar equivalents.

Parts of original content

  • Introduction (Untitled)
  • Body in subheadings
  • Results
  • Funding -This article was not financially supported by any institution or organization during or after its creation. — This article has been financially supported by any institution or organization during or after the creation of this article. Support information is below.

  • References (It is mandatory to use sources whose reliability has been verified by academic circles.)

Parts of original NEWS

  • In accordance with our publishing principles, it is definitely not appropriate to make fake news, deceptive news or exaggerated news to attract more attention than it is.
  • It must consist of a minimum of 150 words and a maximum of 600 words.
  • Our news can be shared on other websites within the framework of Attribution 4.0 International — CC BY 4.0 – Creative Commons, by citing the source.

Publication Principles

  • All our content will be prepared by accepting scientific foundations.
  • No content can be used with irrelevant/false titles just to attract the attention of the reader.
  • All content cited must be from worldwide accepted scientific publications and organizations.
  • After all the content is prepared by the author, it is approved by the committee determined by the site, which checks every detail before it is published.
  • Unless financial support is stated in the content section, it means that no financial support was received while creating any content.
  • As stated in the user agreement, the usage rights of all content belong to miyelin.com Once published by users, it cannot be edited or deleted.

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