Cognitive Neuroscience

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Effects of sports such as Strongman, Crossfit and Powerlifting on human physiology

Epidemiology Studies World's Strongest Man or known as Strongman sport; It is a type of sport that consists of various games held every year. In common with the other branches we will examine, the...

Astronauts Suffer from Osteoporosis in Space

Osteoporosis is not just an Earthling problem today. Leigh Gabel, an exercise scientist at the University of Calgary in Canada, whose article was published in Scientific Reports on June 30, 2022, argues that bones...

Do we have to eat insects?

Entomophagy: The consumption of insects as a source of nutrition by humans . Some "Benefits of eating insects" news in the media. You may be seeing such posts on social media lately. Agendas such as the changing world conditions...

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